How To Use Wipe New

Wipe new, car surface restorer

Wipe new restorer for car care

If you are on the lookout for a perfect car surface restorer solution to lift up the appearance of your old car, turn to Wipe New, the innovative car care product. Utilizing the nano polymer formula, Wipe new restorer drives out the dirt from your car and brings back the sheen and gloss. The car surfaces coated with the Wipe new is permanently protected with a shine that lasts long even after performing many car washes. You can renovate the dashboards, bumpers, rims, wheels, leather seats, vinyl surfaces and so on.

Prerequisites for application

Prior to the application, you need to thoroughly clean the surfaces.  If you want to get good results, the surface to be restored should be neat and clean. The surface should be washed with liquid detergent or car wash, and allowed to dry thoroughly.

Make sure that there is no water left in and around the surface, and you can tap the surface gently. Use a soft cloth to dry out the surfaces prior to the application of Wipe new. Any instances of water on the surface will prevent the car restorer from sticking deeply into the surface. You can also use a degreaser to get best results and scrub thoroughly to remove any residue from other restorative products that has been used previously.


Shake the bottle for 10 seconds before use. Wear the nitrate gloves that are provided with the product detailing kit. Pour the Wipe new restorer on the yellow applicator cloth till it gets soaked. Gently apply it on the surface without overlapping from one row to another. A badly faded surface can be restored with a second coat. Wait for the first coat to dry.  The first coat will be dried within 10 minutes after application.

Headlight application instructions

You need to use the Green or blue headlight polishing block provided in the product detailing kit.

Wipe new, car surface restorer

Know About Wipe New Restorer

Untreated lens should be treated with the rough side to remove the contaminants and oxidation.

Rinse it till all dust is removed and allow the surface to dry. Usually, it will get dried up within a day.

You need to shake the bottle with cap on for 10 seconds before opening, and pour on Wipe new applicator cloth till it gets fully soaked in the solution. Then apply Wipe new on the surface uniformly to get the best results.

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