What Makes Wipe New So Special?

Wipe New car

                   How to use Wipe New car

Not many people have the privilege to buy a vehicle when the one they have gets old. Upholstery care assigns great importance to the proper upkeep of your vehicle. To get your vehicle looking as new as those in showrooms, is a tiring task for many. Most car care products fail to give a new look, or at least one that lasts for some reasonable time.

Wipe New car surface restorer

The Wipe New car restorer works with the aid of nano-polymer technology that is specifically designed to restore and protect the color and luster of faded and weathered surfaces. The Wipe New car solution was created to restore the worn out appearance of the car’s bumpers, leather seats, headlights, vinyl interiors and accessories. Wipe New car solution can be easily applied on, and penetrates the surface of, leather, vinyl, plastic and other materials. Since Wipe New car restorer is capable of restoring the showroom appearance of finished surfaces with a single application, it is ideal for car detailing.

Requisites for applying Wipe New solution 

Surface restorer

           Wipe New car for restoring surfaces

It is quite natural that the luster and color fades after hours, and upto even years of travel. In addition, the sad thing is that despite all efforts to wash and clean up the car, you cannot bring back the new look. Conventional car care products are only good enough to restore the surfaces for a short period. Wipe New car solution is now an affordable way to give your car the chance to look brand new. All you need is to wipe the solution evenly, over the surface to be restored. Make sure that the surfaces to be restored with the Wipe New car restorer are thoroughly cleaned, and free from dust and dirt. Wipe New car solution fails to stick on if the surfaces are filled with oil and grime.

Wipe New car solution penetrates deep in to the surfaces with the aid of nano-polymer technology. Even though Wipe New car restorer product is commonly designed for use on vehicles, it works just as well on new automobiles as well. Since the Wipe New car surface restorer solution penetrates deep, it is an ideal way to retain a car shine for years. Wipe New can be used to restore the worn out surfaces, including the bumpers, rims, seats and headlights.

Wipe New car restorer is a perfect car cleaning solution for the interior leather components, and restores the color and luster of the dashboards, steering wheels seats and damaged wheels.