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If you have owned a car for a couple of years, you will have realized that the car loses its freshness and luster after a while. No amount of cleaning and washing at a carwash gives you results that last long. This is where the role of Wipe New comes into play. In case, you are a novice to this product, you have chanced upon the right page. Given below is information about this product obtained from numerous Wipe New car reviews.

Product details

According to most Wipe New car reviews, this is the newest silicone-dependent solution that can be detailed on the surface of the car so that the car attains a brand new look. It keeps your car well protected from damaging elements like mud, heat and water that makes the color of a vehicle fade away with passage of time. You can use it safely on the bumpers, dashboards, entrance doors, and rims of the wheels. All Wipe New car reviews claim that on using this product, your car will look brand new once more. You can use it on the outer and inner areas of your car.

Nano polymers

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Wipe New car reviews state that regardless of how faded, weathered or dull the outer surface of your car might be, use Wipe New and you will be able to restore the shine of your car. It takes just one application to do that. What makes this product so successful is the fact that it contains nano polymers chemical, which seeps deep beneath the paint surface and as such restores the shine in those areas of your car, which you never touch. In the case of other car waxes and buffs, which just create a layer on top of the existing paint, Wipe New goes deep into the surface and restores the original look of your car. You can use Wipe New on all kinds of coating. According to most Wipe New car reviews, this car surface restorer is priced at $19.99.

If Wipe New car reviews are to be believed, this product surely has tall claims to live up to. Wipe New car reviews have been positive so far. Still Wipe New car reviews are only subjective. To know whether the claims made in Wipe New car reviews are true, you will have to buy the product and use it. Place your orders now!