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Do Car Restoration Of Your Own With Wipe New

Have you ever thought of replacing your car for the reason of color fade-out? Have you become fed up of the conventional car restoration techniques? Wipe New car restorer is the best option for all your car restoration requirements. The greatest advantage of the product is that, you may perform the work all by yourself, without consulting a professional car detailer. The product can be applied on the surface of the car in order to enhance its lost color and look. There are a lot of products and lotions available in the market that can enhance the color of your car. The silicone agents are the conventional car restoring agents available in the market. The greatest drawback associated with these products is that they can sustain the “new look” for only a period of few months. The results of Wipe New car restorer can last for several years without any deterioration.

What causes problems?

Most of the problems related to color fade outs and discoloration is found on older cars. The reason is quite evident because the ageing process can happen in the case of cars too. Sunlight is a major cause of color fades out on the exteriors of cars. Other elements of nature like rain, snow, fog etc can also affect the color of your car. When it comes to interiors of the vehicle, constant usage can cause discoloration on the steering wheels, hand brake etc.

How Wipe New works?

Wipe New is nothing but a cream that can be applied on the surface of the car. The chemical composition of the product resembles to a nano polymer compound. The special formula of the compound helps it penetrate deep into the metallic surface of the car. The interaction of this compound with the metallic surface restores the old color of the car and brings it back to the showroom condition. The restored color will act as a protective shield or covering and will protect the vehicle from harsh environments like UV rays and rains.

wipe new

wipe new restorer

Where to use the product?

The product is not confined to cars alone. The product can be used to perform restoration on any automobile irrespective of the type or brand of the vehicle. The Wipe New cream is not limited to apply on the metallic surface of the car. It can be applied to the vehicle’s rim, on the number plates, bumpers or rather anywhere on the exterior of the car.   One of the best features associated with Wipe new is that it can be even applied on the car’s interiors. This sets it apart from other restoring agents that are only meant to be applied to the metal surface. You may apply the same on the sides of the door, on the steering wheels, on the gear lever, dashboard etc. People have used this amazing product on a wide variety of automobiles like bikes, vans etc and are satisfied with its long lasting effects.

wipe New

buy Wipe New

Applying Wipe New on your car can be one of the simplest of all car restoration procedures. You do not require any special skill to perform these procedures. Apply few drops of Wipe New on a clean piece of cloth and stroke it firmly on the surface of the car. Always perform the strokes in a particular direction. Make sure that you do not repeat the strokes over the same area. Repeated strokes may bring a negative impact. Perform the restoration as mentioned above for the interiors too.

After applying the product

Stay away from the wheels after you have applied Wipe New cream on the car. Leave the car as it is for 24 hours. Wipe New restoring agent require 24 hours time to become set with the existing color of the car. Make sure your car is protected from harsh environments like sunlight and rains. These factors can really affect the final outcome. It is better to keep your vehicle in the garage.

What comes with the product?

A Wipe New kit comprises of a double size Wipe New bottle and a free Pro Detail kit. The Pro Detail kit is completely free and it comprises of the following accessories.

  • Headlight applicator
  • A single piece of detail brush
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Polishing block
  • Two applicator cloths

Compare with other products

Car restoration products released by Turtle Wax are meant for specific purposes. You need to purchase all these products in order to perform the restoration. When it comes to Wipe New, all your restoration tasks can be accomplished with a single bottle.

pros  Pros

  • Saves time and money
  • Effortless method of application
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Released with special discount offers and with free accessories

cons  Cons

  • The product delivery takes around 2-3 weeks time.
  • Cannot be shipped to certain countries.

Where to purchase

Purchase Wipe new from the online websites to enjoy special cash offers and additional accessories. The product can be purchased for an attractive price of $19.99 with a 2 year money back guarantee. So, no need to think once more, just order it now and get the best car restoration kit.

Wipe Your Car Using Wipe New

Wipe New Car

                    Get Wipe New Car solution

It is a fact that our new car will look its best at the showroom. We will admire it for its luster and wish it to retain its patina for a long time. But just a few drives will give a worn out and tired look to your car. You will run after different car wash detergents, polishes and waxes to bring back the luster once again. But even though they will regain a ‘look’, it will not retain it more than a day. You will have to spend more money on car accessories. Moreover you will have to spend two or three hours to finish the job. You will soon feel tired of maintaining the car like new and get adjusted to the fact that your car has turned ‘old’. But is it really so? Well, if you are wishing to bring back the patina to your car, just wipe out the years from it using Wipe New Car surface restorer.

What is Wipe New Car surface restorer?

Wipe New Car Surface Restorer is a solution which can be applied on surfaces like plastic, vinyl, polymer and rubber. You can apply it confidently on dashboards, bumpers, rim wheels, headlights and other trim areas that you find suitable. You cannot apply Wipe New Car restorer on paint or glass. A single bottle of Wipe New Car restorer can be applied upto 2 midsized cars and a single application can last for about one year.

How to apply Wipe New Car restorer?

Wipe New Car restorer can be considered as a protective cover and in between the periods of applying them, you could simply clean your trim interiors and exteriors using clean cloth to regain its new look.

Midsized cars

                     Purchase Wipe New Car solution

Before applying Wipe New car restorer, clean the surface with detergent and car wash soap. Dry the surface before taking Wipe New Car restorer. You get two double sized bottles of Wipe New and a detailing kit which includes two yellow microfiber applicator cloths, a red headlight applicator, a pair of nitrile gloves, a blue polishing block and a detailing brush.  Wear the nitrile gloves and shake the double sized bottle of Wipe New. A single wipe can play the trick and the dashboards and trim interiors and exteriors will regain its new look.

You can click here to place the order for Wipe New Car restorer and they are supported by a 2 year money back guarantee. They cost only $19.99 and you can use it for 2 years!

Make Your Car Look As Good As New With Wipe New

Wipe New Car Reviews

       Try Wipe New

If you have owned a car for a couple of years, you will have realized that the car loses its freshness and luster after a while. No amount of cleaning and washing at a carwash gives you results that last long. This is where the role of Wipe New comes into play. In case, you are a novice to this product, you have chanced upon the right page. Given below is information about this product obtained from numerous Wipe New car reviews.

Product details

According to most Wipe New car reviews, this is the newest silicone-dependent solution that can be detailed on the surface of the car so that the car attains a brand new look. It keeps your car well protected from damaging elements like mud, heat and water that makes the color of a vehicle fade away with passage of time. You can use it safely on the bumpers, dashboards, entrance doors, and rims of the wheels. All Wipe New car reviews claim that on using this product, your car will look brand new once more. You can use it on the outer and inner areas of your car.

Nano polymers

                 Buy Wipe New

Wipe New car reviews state that regardless of how faded, weathered or dull the outer surface of your car might be, use Wipe New and you will be able to restore the shine of your car. It takes just one application to do that. What makes this product so successful is the fact that it contains nano polymers chemical, which seeps deep beneath the paint surface and as such restores the shine in those areas of your car, which you never touch. In the case of other car waxes and buffs, which just create a layer on top of the existing paint, Wipe New goes deep into the surface and restores the original look of your car. You can use Wipe New on all kinds of coating. According to most Wipe New car reviews, this car surface restorer is priced at $19.99.

If Wipe New car reviews are to be believed, this product surely has tall claims to live up to. Wipe New car reviews have been positive so far. Still Wipe New car reviews are only subjective. To know whether the claims made in Wipe New car reviews are true, you will have to buy the product and use it. Place your orders now!

A Reliable Wipe New Review For You

Wipe New Review

                                       Wipe New Reviewed

As you have to drive your car around for various reasons, it is not reasonable to expect your car to always look as good as new. No amount of washing and cleaning in a carwash will give you long lasting results. After a few months of usage, the car will begin to look old and weather beaten. But now that Wipe New Car surface restorer is available, you can make your car look fresh and clean always. Go through the rest of this Wipe New review and you will know why.

Why it is recommended that you use Wipe New Car Surface Restorer?

Through this Wipe New review, I wish to let you know that Wipe New Car Surface restorer is a solution using which you can restore the way your car looked when you first bought it. It employs Nano Polymer technology, which seeps deep into the bindings of the car making it look as good as new. You can apply Wipe New on surfaces that are made of plastic, polymer, rubber and vinyl. Take care not to apply it on paint and glass surfaces.

Nano Polymer Technology

                     Review Of Wipe New

According to Wipe New review, you can safely apply Wipe New on the consoles, dashboard, bumpers, rim wheels, headlights and other such areas that require refurbishment, even on a 2013 porsche cayenne. Use the Wipe New Car Surface solution and you will see that it works really well, thereby, giving you the lustrous look which you had in mind. It has been proved beyond an iota of doubt that Wipe New car surface restorer can take many years off your car. You need to apply the solution only once. Take care not to overlap when you apply this product.

On placing orders for this product, you will receive a double sized bottle of Wipe New car solution. You will also receive a detailing kit. Contained in the car detailing kit are two yellow microfiber clothes, a red light applicator, a blue polishing block, a pair of nitrile gloves and a detailing brush. The solution that you receive will suffice to apply on two midsized vehicles. According to Wipe New review there will be no need to reapply this product for a minimum of two years.

That ends this Wipe New review. Buy this product and try it for yourself to check the veracity of the claims made in this Wipe New review. Any Wipe New review is subjective. Only actual purchase and trial will help you test the veracity of the claims made in this Wipe New review. Place your order for this product and you will know if this Wipe New review is honest or not.

Wipe New For A New Shiny Looking Car!

Wipe New

                                                Use Wipe New

Many of us are particular about keeping our car looking brand new. We spent hundreds of dollars every year to this effect. However, that need not be the case anymore. You can try out Wipe New to get the same effect at the most affordable price.

Working of Wipe New

The Wipe New solution can be applied on the exterior as well as the interior of your automobile to give it a brand new, “just out of the showroom” look. The application process is also quite easy and mess free. All you need to do is saturate the applicator with the solution and start wiping whichever surface you want to look new and shiny.

Once you start using Wipe New, you won’t feel like going to the car accessories workshop to get your car a rejuvenated look. Wipe New can be used to obtain the same results, while sparing you all the effort and loss of hundreds of dollars. What earlier used to be a messy process has been now made simple by Wipe New.

The sprays, polishes and solutions that promise to make your car shine seldom deliver the results. Wipe New on the other hand, delivers the results instantly and keep them so for many more days. People who have used Wipe New once have never been known to use another product to keep their cars looking new and polished.

Buying Wipe New

This product comes as a kit that contains a solution and different applicators. The product that can be bought online comes with a number of amazing offers. When you place an order for this product, you get one more bottle completely free of cost. The kit when ordered online will also contain the following.

  • 2 Yellow applicator cloths

    Polishes and solutions

                                      Buy Wipe New

  • 1 Red headlight applicator
  • 1 Blue headlight polishing block
  • 1 Detail brush
  • 1 Pair of nitrile gloves

The cost of the product does not include the shipping and handling charges of the same. The extra amount paid for S&H will be totally worth it since the Wipe New solution works the best with the right accessories. The product also comes with a two-year money back guarantee with every online order that you place.

To make your automobile looking brand new at all times, try out Wipe New at the earliest. To purchase the kit, place your order here!

Let Your Car Gleam Using Wipe New

Wipe New Car

                                 How to use Wipe New Car

You might have purchased your car thinking it could never look any different from how it did at the showroom that day. A lot of people are taken in by the looks on a car, and don’t give much thought to what it would take to keep it that way. The problem with this is that before you buy a car, it probably hasn’t seen much the road, as opposed to after you buying it. The new sheen fades after just a week’s hard driving, and your car won’t look as good again unless you keep to cleaning it worshipfully.

If you’ve had your car for so long you don’t even remember it looking any different from the lackluster locomotive it now is, then there’s a way to bring back its glory days, so to speak. And that would be the Wipe New Car Surface Restorer.

What is the Wipe New Car Surface Restorer?

Wipe New Car Surface restorer is a solution that is based on nano polymer technology. Unlike polishes and waxes, you need not apply this thing all the time. Wipe New car surface restorer works on surfaces like plastic, rubber, vinyl or polymer. Just don’t use it on paint or glass. Rub some on the dashboard, consoles and trim interiors, and you’ll make them gleam. You can even apply some on the headlights, bumpers, rim wheels and other trim exteriors as well. Wipe New Car restorer acts as a protective shield against water, salt, UV rays and other elements, and does this for a solid two years. After the initial application, you just need to wash the surface occasionally to keep the  showroom look.

What you get when you purchase Wipe New Car Surface Restorer online

When you purchase Wipe New Car Surface restorer, you get a detailing kit along with the purchase. It includes a red microfiber and two yellow microfiber cloths. You also get a pair of nitrile gloves, a detailing brush, a blue headlight polishing block, and a red headlight applicator.

How to apply Wipe New Car Surface restorer?

Polishes and waxes

                     Try to use Wipe New Car

Wear the nitrile gloves before handling the Wipe New Car Surface Restorer. Park the car in well ventilated area, and apply the Wipe New car solution. You don’t need to rub anywhere more than once.

How to purchase Wipe New Car Surface Restorer?

Click here to purchase Wipe New Car, and get a double sized bottle of Wipe New with the detailing kit. The amazing product costs only $19.99, plus shipping and handling. The manufacturers offer a 2 year money back guarantee for this product, which can be used on up to 2 mid-sized cars.

So place your order now and get your car looking brand new, as the day when you bought it.

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     TopCouponsToday website offers

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Get A Makeover For Your Car


     Restore you car surfaces with WipeNew

Are you fed up of the worn out look of your car after few years of its use? Did you not get the right restorer for renovating your car’s surfaces? No worries, you have come to the right place. WipeNew is a powerful car surface restorer for renovating both the exteriors and interiors of the vehicle. Switch to WipeNew and make your car glitter like brand new! Unlike other car surface restorers like waxes or polishes, WipeNew deeply penetrates to the materials that need to be restored. WipeNew is designed to restore trim, interiors, plastics and vinyl and leather parts of your vehicle.

Advantages of WipeNew car surface restorer

  • WipeNew can bring back the luster and shine on your car with a single application. Hence, it does not require repeated applications. Furthermore, it lasts for even a period of two years.
  • WipeNew uses the Nano technology that enables the solution to deeply penetrate in to the surfaces. It can be used on any vehicle irrespective of its years on road.
  • WipeNew comes in a double sized bottle that can be used to clean up two vehicles.
  • A free detailing kit containing applicators like cleaning cloths, head light applicator, blue polishing block and a pair of nitrate gloves are provided with the car surface restorer.
  • You do not need to polish the vehicle. All you need is to wipe the solution uniformly over the surface.

The only drawback is that It is not suitable for applying on glass surfaces. Nevertheless, while comparing it with the benefits, it is very insignificant. Furthermore, glass surfaces can be easily restored by cleaning with water. Your car will retain the shine and luster for up to two years after the application of WipeNew surface restorer.

Car surface restorer

          Car care with WipeNew restorer

It is sensible to purchase this innovative surface restorer product since it can renovate almost all parts of your vehicle within no time. Prior to the application of WipeNew, make sure that you have cleaned the entire surfaces to be restored. WipeNew will adhere hard to clean surfaces rather than those covered with dirt, grease and oil.

Buy your WipeNew pack today along with the detailing kit to remove all those unwanted spots on your car. Order your piece today and get one bottle free of cost.

Know About The Product Features Of Wipe New In This Wipe New Review

Wipe New Review

      Reliable Wipe New Review

Are you in search of a product to simplify the task of cleaning your car? The solution is Wipe New Car Surface Restorer. It differs markedly from other car waxes and polishes. Wipe New is based purely on Nano technology. Nano polymers constitute its main contents. To know more about it, just carry on reading my Wipe New Review.

How To Use Wipe New

Wipe New is different from other car cleaners because you do not have to keep reapplying it. Just swipe it once on all surfaces of your car. Take care not to overlap. Once you are done, using Wipe New, you will see that your car becomes really clean and shiny. It will remain so for at least two years. It is safe to order Wipe New because it is provided with a two year money back guarantee.

Features Of Wipe New

In my Wipe New Review I state the following facts about the features of this product.

  • Wipe New may be used on side panels, bumpers, rims, dashboards, inner plastics, leather car seats and vinyls. You can also use it on the fiberglass as well as powder coated painted surfaces.

The results you achieve after using Wipe New will be satisfactory. Your car will look brighter and shinier than ever before.

The claims I have made in my Wipe New Review are based on my experience alone and not based on any survey. The facts that I have mentioned in this Wipe New review does not differ much from those stated in other Wipe New reviews. The claims I have made in my Wipe New review is also similar to that which have been made in other Wipe New reviews.

When you place an order for wipe new, you will receive a detail kit along with a bottle of Wipe New.

Benefits of Wipe New In A Nutshell

  • It makes your car lustrous and shiny.


                   Fair Wipe New Review

  • It protects your car from ultraviolet radiation
  • It is very versatile and can be used on different kinds of surfaces.
  • The effect of using Wipe New is long lasting.
  • You can use Wipe New on cars, motorcycles and even boats
  • It comes with a 2-year satisfaction guarantee.

Isn’t that reason enough to purchase Wipe New? So place your order right away.

Wipe New Review- Know The Product In Detail

Wipe New review

Reviews on Wipe New

You want the new look on your car? You can get it. What I  am talking about is not replacing or exchanging your car with a new one, but getting the car to look as if it’s brand new.It’s all about using Wipe New, the revolutionary car color enhancer. This Wipe New review tries to give an overview of the product..

Wipe New Car Color Enhancer

Wipe New is a cream that is made using nano-polymer technology. The product stands ahead of other normal car polishing products available on the market. According to the Wipe New review, a single use of the cream is enough to restore a fresh look to the car. As it is given in the Wipe New review, the product is equally applicable on the interiors and exteriors of your car, without causing any damage or fading of the paint on the surface of the car. This is because the product is devoid of all kinds of chemical constituents that can affect the vehicle’s looks. The product is much more effective when compared to low quality cleaning solutions, which are made up with ammonia or alcohol.

Use of Wipe New Product 

According to the Wipe New review, you can apply the product on the surfaces of your car that are made up of plastic, polymer, vinyl, rubber, metal etc. As per the Wipe New review, the product must not be applied to glass surfaces. By using Wipe New, you can provide a new look to the dashboards, rim wheels, bumpers, rear view, hubs, consoles and other parts of your car. As mentioned in the Wipe New review, a single unit of the cream is just enough to cater the cleaning requirements of two cars.

According to the Wipe New review, the product kit includes a double-sized bottle of Wipe New, a red and two yellow microfiber cloths, a pair of nitrile gloves, a detailing brush, a red headlight applicator and a blue headlight polish block.

Car color enhancer

                      Wipe New review

Wipe New Review- Pluses and Minuses

As per the Wipe New review, the single use of the product to the interior and exterior of your car will keep the car to shine for years to come. Once it is applied, the overall protection of your car is guaranteed.

According to the Wipe New review, you need to allow your car to dry for atleast a day after its application.

You can find more on Wipe New review on the company’s website.

What Makes Wipe New So Special?

Wipe New car

                   How to use Wipe New car

Not many people have the privilege to buy a vehicle when the one they have gets old. Upholstery care assigns great importance to the proper upkeep of your vehicle. To get your vehicle looking as new as those in showrooms, is a tiring task for many. Most car care products fail to give a new look, or at least one that lasts for some reasonable time.

Wipe New car surface restorer

The Wipe New car restorer works with the aid of nano-polymer technology that is specifically designed to restore and protect the color and luster of faded and weathered surfaces. The Wipe New car solution was created to restore the worn out appearance of the car’s bumpers, leather seats, headlights, vinyl interiors and accessories. Wipe New car solution can be easily applied on, and penetrates the surface of, leather, vinyl, plastic and other materials. Since Wipe New car restorer is capable of restoring the showroom appearance of finished surfaces with a single application, it is ideal for car detailing.

Requisites for applying Wipe New solution 

Surface restorer

           Wipe New car for restoring surfaces

It is quite natural that the luster and color fades after hours, and upto even years of travel. In addition, the sad thing is that despite all efforts to wash and clean up the car, you cannot bring back the new look. Conventional car care products are only good enough to restore the surfaces for a short period. Wipe New car solution is now an affordable way to give your car the chance to look brand new. All you need is to wipe the solution evenly, over the surface to be restored. Make sure that the surfaces to be restored with the Wipe New car restorer are thoroughly cleaned, and free from dust and dirt. Wipe New car solution fails to stick on if the surfaces are filled with oil and grime.

Wipe New car solution penetrates deep in to the surfaces with the aid of nano-polymer technology. Even though Wipe New car restorer product is commonly designed for use on vehicles, it works just as well on new automobiles as well. Since the Wipe New car surface restorer solution penetrates deep, it is an ideal way to retain a car shine for years. Wipe New can be used to restore the worn out surfaces, including the bumpers, rims, seats and headlights.

Wipe New car restorer is a perfect car cleaning solution for the interior leather components, and restores the color and luster of the dashboards, steering wheels seats and damaged wheels.